Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wild Card Here We Come (I Hope)

So, I'm really starting to like this V-Mart Fellow. He's showing us some clutchness that we have been really missing since Papi's eye doctor stopped his "eye drop" prescription. Last night was a nice example, comes off the bench and pinch hits for 3 RBI's.
I love watching the Sox play the Orioles. I'm not sure what it is.......maybe it's the fact we can kick the living crap out of 'em, like every time.
Why is Texas still hanging in there? Seriously, what's the deal with that? I mean, I still feel confident that we will be in the playoffs, but only 2 games up on the Strangers? Come on.
In all honesty though, as I said, I think we will be in the playoffs, but I'm not feeling good about our chances taking it all. I'll leave it at that, 'cuz anything can happen, but still too many questions with our rotation. I mean, Dice is getting lit up in A ball. And, he's our hope. Beckett got a dead arm. Wake is old and taking more shots than me at the bar. Tazawa? Can't keep my hopes laying on him. I do like what Lester the Molester is doing and Buch is pitching nice.
I also want to say that I truly hate the fahkin' yankees. There's pretty much no hope of taking the AL East for us. Fuck.
In other news.......Good bye Bruschi....I'm going to miss you, thank you for the great years, but it was time and you did it classy. In fact, Good bye to all our elder defensive players, seems like the Pats are going younger and I think it's a good move.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I suck, So What.

Ok ok ok........I know, I haven't written a damn thing forever. Sorry. Well, here we are.....Red Sox with a somewhat comfortable Wild Card lead. I think they got it. Too bad there's no chance to take first place in the AL East. Fuck the Spankees. Not sure what I think of our chances, I mean I love our bullpen with the addition of Wagner, but our starting Ro is not very deep. Gotta love V-Mart. Nice bat. We'll see. How suprised were you to see A-Gonz back? Ells is just kicking ass in so many ways. He finally is getting the ball out of the infield.

Two more weeks until football. Brady looked pretty freakin' sweet until his shoulder bent the wrong way, please don't be injured. I see the Pats having a huge year.

Ok, I'll try to do better, if not............fuck off.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Welp, the c's are done. The b's are gone. The Sox are...........well this series with the Scrub Jays will be telling of our immediate future. If we can show up and get back on top of the East, well, we look like we'd be in good shape. But, if they man handle us and drop us 6-7 games back......fuck.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ummmmm.......Yup, They All Can

B's Stayin' Alive.
Scoring eary and hard.
C's Taking the Lead.
Big Baby again.
The Truth speaks and I like it.
Did House miss a shot, for reals?
How about Starbury? He's ok in my book.
Jackie Moon, good for a couple of 3's.
It didn't hit the rim.........just saying.
"'d like us to actually play offense." .....The Entire Celtics Team.
4th wins it.
Well, which is he?
Tonight, the son.
Well, I'm not quite sure, maybe a little of both.
Ok, though he got us our 6 innings.
Bullpen strong.
V-Tek......good night, was that the left side?
Paps??????? What the Fuck? Why are you throwing 86mph? Seriously, MD.
But, he gets the SLOW PITCH save.

Young Guns

Could he be the next of young talent to make a huge contribution to the team? Pedroia, Youk, Paps, Lester, Ells, Hanley Ramirez (Would have been sweet to have him, but I'm ok with Beckett and Lowell)...........Daniel Bard. He's flown through A ball and he throws 100mph. Only a handful of innings in Triple A this year, but a shitload of K's. I know it doesn't always equate (Hanson) in the Majors, but I'm looking forward to seeing this kid.
Oh yeah. We got a big game witht the C's tonight. Big Baby. Love the guy.
And.......can the B's live another day. I think yes, and I think someone's getting punched in the face.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Just gotta give a little props to the B's for keeping alive. Man......B's, C's, and Sox all win and on national tv in one night? Has to be a first.

Jay Bay is.............